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Cotton face cloths.


Space saving- Are you traveling often, or simply want to save space?
This 100 pack of coin towels may sound like a lot, but each coin is only 22 mm
¾ inch in diameter and 10 mm / ½ inch in
height. By being so small, these towels are the perfect size for saving you
space on the go or in your home.


Perfect for camping and back packing, make perfect toilet paper
completely bio degradable.


Comfortable And Durable- we made certain to maintain a soft and
comfortable feeling combined with durability. Our towels not only feel soft on
your skin, but they also won’t fall apart easily.


Just Add Water- In order to turn your coin into a usable towel, simply
add water. Our unique design allows a few ounces of water to create an 8.5” by
9.5” towel that you can use almost anywhere.


Anywhere and Everywhere- Whether you add this towel to your suitcase or
survival kit, it will be sure to serve its purpose and meet your demands. The
largest benefit of these compressed cotton towels is to be used anywhere, and
for many different applications.



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