UnCommon Artistry Faux Suede Leather Cord Assorted Colors 3mm - 1 Meter ea x 20 Colors


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  •  Item: Faux Suede Micro Fiber Cord

  • Size/Measurements:  1.5mm thick x 3mm Diameter

  • Quantity:  20 pcs of  cord -each pc. measures at least 1 meter long (39 inches)

  • Origin: China

  • Color/Variety: 20 Color Variety Mix- colors will vary

   This “suede” is actually made from specially treated microfibers — it will NOT crack, weather, or smell. Just like leather, only better! Lasts longer, and is cruelty free! Oh, and it’s cheaper, too! This fantastic cord can be crimped with standard findings without breaking or tearing.


UPC/EAN 754207353147