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Real Spanische Fliege is a powerful Aphrodisiac, for supporting Female virility and increasing Libido.
The correct combination of this highly-effective ingredient can often bring both men and women to the peak of sexual desire even shortly after taking it.

Spanische Fliege Stronger also increases the urge of Arousal and helps to increase Sexual Desire, hence why it is a sought after sex drop potion for Female Libido Enhancement.

BENEFITS Women with:
Sexual Frigidity
Lack of Desire for Sex
Low Libido


These Love Drops can be added to all kinds of beverages and alcohol. Increases sexual needs and willingness to serve the sexual act after 20-30 minutes after oral ingestion.

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Drops can be used for men and women.

10g contain Cantharis D6 9.00g,, Muira-Puama extract e lign. fluid. 1:1 1,0 g

Dosage: take 1 -3ml (15-30 drops) under the tongue or added to food or drink about 30 minutes before intercourse and do not take more than two doses within a day!

Specification: 2 x 5ml Glass Bottles.

Made in Germany

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